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BNZ provides Term Life Insurance in New Zealand. There is something to be said for a company that has been practising in a specific industry for over 150 years. We offer our clients just this.

With the knowledge, expertise and security of our well established roots in New Zealand. BNZ offer only the very best cover for our customers. Not only do we give you the full service and after care you deserve, but we take care of you for the years to come. With every new innovation, we increase the benefits you receive. Over the years of our excellence in insurance, we’ve helped people and businesses grow and make their goals a reality. We have the experts, specialists, advice, and information all in one place so those affected can get practical solutions to make a plan before moving forward. Contact BNZ today, and change your life for the better. Let us protect you and your family from this day on.

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BNZ provides Term Life Insurance in New Zealand. Get the Term life insurance that is renewable, annually. When choosing a term life insurance policy, it is important to understand that this policy with an annual renewal term can mean increasing your premiums, to maximise on your pay-out amount.

Being prepared for what may happen to your health later on in life is one of the biggest factors when making the choice to take out life insurance of any kind. We never know what may happen. Being prepared for the worst is a smarter way of thinking, especially if we have families to consider. With this term insurance, you are given the option to renew your policy, increase premiums, or take the pay-out. From the lump sum you can receive, you have the opportunity to pay for the larger loans and debt you he, making life a little simpler for you and your family. By extending the policy, you cover your family long term as well as your funeral costs when you die.

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