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We’re committed to ensuring our compliance with the Privacy Act 1993. We value your privacy and recognise it’s crucial to building and maintaining trust between us. SouthSure provides travel insurance in New Zealand.

Our solution will work for you today, but most importantly, it will bring opportunity to do things smarter – a partnership approach that will introduce more automation, more technologically-enabled our insurance services, and ultimately more control of your financial budgets. Being prepared for an emergency situation is a smart way of being proactive and cautious.

Our may not encounter any problems, however, these little accidents and emergencies can sneak up on us when least expected. Safety first is what we tell our clients. Being in control of the situation can be as easy as having financial cover and our travel policy in place. Let us cover you from the worst, and leave you time to enjoy making lifelong memories with your loved ones.

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SouthSure provides travel insurance in New Zealand. Protect yourself and your companions when traveling. If you are travelling out the country on business, this is a remarkable cover. You may be travelling as a team or group, this will entitle you to a special premium. If you travelling for pleasure, and taking the whole family, you will also receive a special rate.

By choosing the amount of cover you need, you are already in control of the safety of your family. You never know when an emergency may crop up, and you are not by any means financially ready for it. We offer you a financial safety precaution, should you be travelling and occur any damages, injury, theft or any other traumatic event that can occur. Don’t delay, cover your travel today, our travel insurance is available at a very low premium, which makes it affordable for all travellers and their families.

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