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Futurisk Insurance Limited is an independent insurance company, providing travel insurance in New Zealand. We work for the client and can explore many different options from a range of Insurance providers to provide the best possible cover for the individual situations of our clients.

We have helped clients deal with the financial burdens of air disasters, hijackings and political riots and we provide on-the-ground support utilising our insurance cover. Our combination of expertise and knowledge in the insurance field, will enable us to handle all your requirements. We are a customer-centric organisation and will walk the extra mile to ensure that your insurance programme is developed specifically to your requirements – every customer is treated as unique. We offer our clients a cover which is Simple and streamlined.

Our process takes a few days to secure your policy, should you be travelling away on holiday, your cover is immediate. We will be your safety guard when you need us the most.

Services – Futurisk

Futurisk insurance provides a unique travel insurance policy in New Zealand. TOWER's travel insurance not only covers you for lost luggage and certain medical expenses, but also for sports like skiing. And with special packages for couples, families and groups of 10+, everyone can enjoy a more relaxing holiday. Travel Insurance is a safety net when travelling. Especially if you have your family travelling with you, no one knows with certainty that no incidents or injuries will occur.

You could have your baggage stolen or go missing. You could be mugged in a strange country where you are unfamiliar with the areas that are safe. Your child or spouse could acquire food poisoning. There are so many different ailments and disasters that can occur at the blink of an eye when travelling. Don’t be left in financial woes in a strange country. Having travel insurance in place, keeps you secure and covered in the event of any of these mentioned disasters.

Summary of Services

  • Income Protection
  • Car Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Mortgage Insurance

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359 Broadway Ave
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Phone: 0800 17 18 19 / (06) 358 3400

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Email: enquiries@futurisk.co.nz

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