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AMI provides Travel Insurance to clients in New Zealand. We understand your insurance program needs to evolve with you, and that is why, we have developed an insurance cover to suit your ideal needs. Having the right cover when you travel is fast becoming an essential part of booking your holiday. By being prepared for the worst, you immediately cover the areas of concern that can occur and cause havoc with your travel arrangements.

Based on the fore gained knowledge we have acquired through our loyal and exclusive client base, we pride ourselves on the delivery of exceptional service with the maximum flexibility to suit your requirements and based on the fore gained knowledge we have acquired through our loyal and exclusive client base, we will do the same for you. We look forward to having you as another satisfied customer. We have touched the loves of thousands of New Zealanders, with a reputable reputation for the wonderful things we have done for our client’s wellbeing.

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AMI Insurance offer travel insurance in New Zealand. Our Insurance offers our clients better Leisure and business benefits and offer a fully customised declaration based on client industry, which they haven’t been offered in the past.

AMI is all about covering you with a safety blanket when you need it most. Even for a short term cover, like out travel insurance, we go the extra mile to ensure you receive the very best out of the product. At a very low rate for the period you are covered, you receive a full benefit for any incident, injury or theft that may occur during your holiday. Secure the safety of you and your family when away from home. If you fall under the categories to qualify, you will instantly be covered from day one of your holiday. Let us give you the safety and cover you need to enjoy your exciting holiday instead of worrying about how you will cover any accidents that may occur.

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