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SouthSure provides Term Life Insurance in New Zealand. With our expertise in the field, and our trusting and friendly staff, we take what we know and extend it in our service delivery to our clients. We are continuously looking for new and innovative ways to ensure our clients receive the very best solutions for their needs.

We are committed to ensuring our compliance with the Privacy Act 1993. We value your privacy and recognise it’s crucial to building and maintaining trust between us Helps the people you leave behind when a payment because of your proactive approach, has secured your families lives. Having any kind of insurance policy in place means that you secure the financial future of the people you care about. We add valuable benefits with all of our products and services, giving you the safety net when you need it. You can count of us when you need to ensure you and your family have a cover in place.

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SouthSure provides Term Life Insurance in New Zealand. Can I benefit from term insurance? Well, the answer is most definitely. Anyone making use of the term insurance offered by SouthSure Insurance including family depends, anyone owning a house with an outstanding mortgage, business owners and anyone needing key person cover, will benefit from this unique and very popular cover.

We have a simple and accessible product available to our clients, which makes our term insurance one of the most affordable and straightforward insurance covers out there. With a flexibility to opt for the term you wish to pay over, allowing you to access your money in a shorter time frame, instead of having to wait for the lump sum pay-out when you die. This allows you to pay off your debts, outstanding mortgages, tertiary education and other debts that have built up, and allow you to enjoy life without bills hanging over your head.

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  • Life Insurance
  • General Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

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