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PIC Insurance Brokers provides Term Life Insurance in New Zealand is one of the largest 100% owned independent Broker left in New Zealand. While other Brokers have changed to foreign ownership, we have continued to strengthen our ties with local business and domestic communities we serve. We have done this by investing back into our business, expanding our branch network and further building on our community support.

We give each of our valued customers over 15 years’ experience and knowledge, ensuring that you not only receive a valuable service, but quality care from people who know the industry. We offer a range of products and covers to suit each individual and their needs. We know that no two families are the same, therefore, we offer a solution that will be beneficial for your needs uniquely. Contact PIC today, and get the cover you deserve, let us secure you and your family in time of need.

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PIC Insurance Brokers provides Term Life Insurance in New Zealand. Having your life and financial obligations in line throughout our lives is very important. Being smarter means having a life insurance in place to cover you when life takes a nasty turn. We now offer a term life insurance, which pays out sooner.

Depending on the length of term you agree to, you can receive your lump sum pay-out before you die. This allows you to cover those debts sooner rather than later. You do have the choice to continue your cover for a longer period, by renewing it at the end of the initial term. Most customers prefer to do this, allowing them a maximum pay-out at a later stage when they need it. The lump sum through your policy gives you the flexibility to pay off your children’s tertiary education, until they can provide for themselves. You can close that bond on your home loan, and pay off your car. There are so many options to choose from. Why not contact our team today, and get the term life insurance that can change your life.

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