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Onepath provides Term Life Insurance in New Zealand. Finding the right insurers to meet your idealistic needs and requirements is not easy. You put your trust in the preferred group, with the hope that they will ensure your families best interests are kept on top of their priority list.

With Onepath, you can rest assure that we take your family and your life very seriously.

We’ve been paying claims for over 12 years and throughout that time we have remained committed to our philosophy of doing what’s right by our customers every time. That means we look for ways to pay claims – not how to get out of paying claims. OnePath is one of New Zealand’s leading providers of insurance. With a range of policies designed to ensure you, your family and your business enjoy comprehensive cover – giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Take your life seriously and be prepared. Secure the needs of your family with Onepath, and know that you are with the trusted firm of choice.

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Onepath provides Term Life Insurance in New Zealand. At Onepath we offer our customers choice. Through our tern life insurance, you get to choose the term of your cover, as well as what you want to spend your pay-out on. Onepath has taken years of experience in the insurance industry, and tried to make things a little easier, and better for their customers. By offering this remarkable product, our clients get something back.

We all accumulate large debts through our home mortgages, car loans and even tertiary education for our children. By having a term life insurance policy in place, you get a lump sum after the payment term is over, allowing you to cover these large debts. Should you by any reason fall ill with a terminal illness or die tragically before your payment term is up, we will pay your family out the money. This will ease the financial strain on them, covering the funeral costs as well as the long term debts.

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