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LifeDirect provides renters insurance to New Zealanders. Simplicity is something we have learnt to process well over the years. Our approach is simple, by providing a product for a need – it doesn’t get simpler than that. By comparing the products on the market, to provide easier and valuable solutions to our clients, became a focused determination for us. Now we are helping customers in the thousands, getting the insurance that meets their individual needs, and focuses directly on what they want at the premiums they can afford.

We saw the good that insurance does, providing money when people need it most. There are three parts to our service. First, we offer a comparison, which makes sure you can smartly and transparently compare insurance plans and prices. Second, we make sure your insurer assess your application quickly and fairly. And third, if you ever need to change your cover or claim, we're here to make it easy. We provide these three areas of service to our clients on a daily basis. Contat us today, and find the professionals, who really care about you.

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LifeDirect is able to offer New Zealand clients renters insurance. The renter’s protection cover has a few likenesses with home protection or home substance protection. The distinction is that one covers somebody who possesses a house and their substance.

The other covers the tenant who has leased the house or flat. Both cover the belongings and damages that can occur from fire, theft, storm damages, wind, hail, snow and much more. Renter’s insurance protection covers the renters or tenants belongings should anything happen you the house whilst they are staying there. It also offers an income cover, should you be unable to earn an income for a short period, and need to cover the rent. We reckon there are four things to consider when choosing the insurance broker that will make a real difference to your life: Price, Financial Strength, Policy Quality, and Customer Service. We possess all four of these qualities, and are proud to bring them through in all we do for our clients on a daily basis.

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  • Life Cover
  • Medical Cover
  • Disability Cover
  • Health Insurance
  • Accident Cover
  • Life Insurance

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