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InsureMe provides renters insurance in to people living in New Zealand. We like to think of ourselves as the trend setters in the industry. We are different. We are not like everyone else, promising you the world and its uncle, we promise you reality and value.

Our differentiator is noticed clearly in the way we conduct our business. We are quick – application process is simple and fast. After care of excellence. We do not leave you stranded once your application is approved. We are there for you any time you need us. Answering your questions, attending to your needs, whenever you need us – we are there for you. Insure Me offers a wide range of Life and Health Insurance options from major NZ insurers direct to you We have simple, clear products. We sell direct to consumers and our prices are the lowest in New Zealand. When you buy from us online it takes minutes and when it is's done. You'll have a policy and you're covered. U at great rates.

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InsureMe in New Zealand offers all customers in the area renters insurance. It's important to choose the right insurer to protect your most valuable asset.

Renter’s insurance cover will offer you a safety net in the event of loss of possessions of the renter due to theft, fire, smoke damages, water, collapsed building, and repairs to damaged goods and in some cases replacement of goods that can no longer be repaired. We will ensure should you be renting a premises, your belongings will be protected in the worst case scenarios. We also cover your monthly rental payments should you be unable to work because of a sudden illness or disability. Our promise to you is to provide protection when you need it the most, and offer you a lasting partnership that will keep you’re safeguarded throughout your time with us.

With us, you know that anything that life throws you, is turned into a battle you can overcome. Protect your family and your belongings, never be financially stressed again.

Summary of Services

  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance

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Insure Me Ltd, Level 6 NZINVEST House 32-34
North Island
New Zealand

Phone: (09) 966 5575 / 0800 89 467 87

Fax: (09) 966 5561


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Insure Me Ltd, PO Box 1790, Shortland Street
New Zealand