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Set in a park-like location with easy access and ample parking right outside. Our mission is to provide an environment to nurture, heal and restore the individual animals under our care with you and your pet’s wellbeing in mind.

THE STRANDVET in New Zealand provides pet insurance to those who love their pets. Having a pet in our life can ring a lot of joy, but can also add the hidden expenses that can crop up at any time. When we least expect our love fluffy animal to get ill, it happens in a blink on an eye. Are you prepared for such an event? If not, we have the solution for you. With our experience of years in the insurance industry we have developed a plan that caters just for the pet in your life. Our pet cover will provide a financial solution when your pet need medical treatment and veterinarian visits.

Services – The Strand Vet

We know how important our pets are to us, they are a trusted part of our family. We've customized our pet protection items to suit you. We furnish you with the best conceivable services to give you peace of mind that your pet will live a long healthy life.

HOW Pet Insurance WORKS

When your vet has treated your pet, essentially your claim for the service or treatment will be covered by our pet insurance. Our pet cover is laden with loads of benefits for your pet, and covers all check-ups, ailments, vaccinations and much more. It is as straightforward as that. Pet Insurance empowers you to use any veterinarian to get the best possible treatment for your pet. Now you don’t have to skip those annual visits, and skimp on the essential treatments your pet needs.

Pet Insurance is the perfect item to ensure your pet and your pocket;

  • Offers discounts for two or more pets
  • Offers a scope of advantages.
  • Offers you cover to suit your needs.
  • Easy scheduled instalments.
  • Use any veterinarian under our listing in the country.

Summary of Services

  • Pet Insurance

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114 The Strand, Parnell
Auckland City
North Island
New Zealand

Phone: (09) 377 6667

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