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At AIA New Zealand you can get the Mortgage insurance you need to secure your home. At AIA New Zealand, we have a range of insurances to make life easier if something should happen to you. It means you can rest assured that you and your family will be financially protected no matter what life may bring.

AIA Mortgage, Income and Rent Cover helps protect your home if you are unable to make mortgage or rent payments due to illness or accident. Earning an income is a major source of our living. Without money coming in, day to day living on its own can be stressful. There are means of loans and borrowing schemes, however, AIA can help you with a more affordable and simpler approach. We have been around for many years, with a reputation for helping people get a grounding on the floor now, to better their future later. Call our team of experts today – and get the cover you deserve.

Services – AIA

AIA provides Mortgage Insurance to those in and around New Zealand as well as Income and Rent Cover which helps protects your home if you are unable to make mortgage or rent payments due to illness or accident.

Your home is where your heart is, it’s where you make your memories, and where you provide protection over you and your family. But, in some situations out of our hands, we endure a scenario, where we are unable to earn an income, to pay for those costly mortgage payments. This can be short or long term. AIA can help you. We will fill the gap in the time you cannot earn an income, and we will cover your payments till you get back on track.

Don’t add more stress to your life, be prepared for something that leaves no warning. We never know what tomorrow brings – be prepared. Call AIA today, let one of our friendly consultants help you.

Summary of Services

  • Health Insurance
  • Income Protection Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Permanent Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Mortgage
  • Income Insurance
  • Rent Insurance

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The AIA Building, Level 15 5-7 Byron Avenue
North Island
New Zealand

Phone: (09) 488 8800
Fax: (09) 488 8810


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AIA New Zealand, Private Bag 300981, Albany
New Zealand

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