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About – YOUI Insurance

YOUI New Zealand is a popular provider of long term care insurance. A registered insurance provider, we have the ability to provide a product to suit your every need, at affordable premiums.

We use our experience in the industry to yours and our benefit. We benefit from the ethical role of being able to proudly and confidently speak to our clients with the knowledge of our products, with certainty, and the ability to answer all of your questions. We know that no two customers are the same, we are all unique, and different, living differently, in different homes with different styles and tastes. We ask more questions about you and your home and contents so that we can tailor make a home insurance policy just for you. It’s a smarter way of doing home insurance that could save you lots.

  • Lifetime guarantee on authorised repairs
  • 24/7 Emergency assistance
  • One claim one point of contact
  • Flexible excess options

Youi works ethically based on the principles of the Fair Insurance Code, which is an industry commitment to raising standards of service to its customers. Youi upholds these standards high in the work we do on a daily basis, providing efficient and professional service quality to the community and our policyholders in providing general insurance.

Services – YOUI Insurance

YOUI is renowned in New Zeland for their long term care insurance. Youi take great pride in our principals of providing an insurance cover which is fair, simple, transparent and affordable to our clients. We have taken a step further, and now offer a benefit which is not provided by all insurers. This just proves once again we are different. We offer long term care insurance, for customers that may need their homes, businesses or other facilities equipped with the special needs they may need for normal day to day life. This long term benefit covers a daily rate for helping these customers with eating, dressing, and allowing them to carry on like normal.

Our Long Term Care benefit:

  • one month waiting period
  • very few exclusions
  • built-in premium waiver
  • death benefit before and after age 65
  • available as a standalone benefit
  • Offers maximum cover

Contact us today, we are here to offer a cove different in every way.

Summary of Services

  • Car Insurance
  • Long-term Care Insurance

Physical Address

New Zealand

Phone: 0800 00 9684 / (09) 928 4811