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KiwiCover provides life insurance in New Zealand with the best rates and benefits to cover the needs of our clients. We offer our valued clients a variety of options to cover themselves and their families in the event of their death. Circumstances can approach us without warning, but are we always prepared for something like this? By thinking ahead, and being proactive, your family can carry on without the burdens of debts hanging over their heads. We cover both public and private sectors of the New Zealand community and consult with you individually offering you a unique cover that suits your specific needs.

Have you prepared yourself for what happens next?

How will your family cover funeral costs, and carry on th the mortgage? Leave those worries with us, we will implement a life cover that will not only suit your budget, but also take the stresses of everyday living away from your family once you are gone.

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KiwiCover provides life insurance in New Zealand. By taking inventory of your current life, and financial situation, you can get an estimate of what you need to protect your family financially once you pass away. By taking out Life Insurance, you are immediately looking after the people who depend on you on a daily basis. What would happen if you were no longer there to provide for them? Who would pay the bills? How would your children continue with their education? Would your family lose their home?

To ensure the people you leave behind one day are financially supported, you need to look at every aspect of reality, and take out life cover which benefits everyone. Once in contact with KiwiCover, we take your life under our wing, and secure the best possible insurance cover to suit your individual needs. We take a look at affordability, protection, security and added benefits all in one basket. By taking the worries of the future out of your hands, you get to concentrate on living!

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  • Life
  • Health
  • Income Protection
  • Trauma
  • Permanent Disability
  • Family Protection

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