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SouthSure Life Assurance has been committed to providing New Zealand clients with the life cover and life assurance through many years. With a clientele that speaks for our success rate in valuable claim pay-outs, we have established relationships and partnerships with thousands of New Zealanders. With privacy, discretion and compliance in every aspect of what we do, putting your best interests first is our aim. We build a trust in our partnerships with our clients.

With a complete assessment your lifestyle and crucial needs, we collate our information and requirements from your side, and formulate a comprehensive Life Assurance solution to help you help your family long term. It’s not always pleasant to think of the unmentionable truth, that we will someday die. This is not a conversational topic. But being prepared for this time, is the best investment a person can make. Thinking of your loved ones, husband, wife and children, have you done you best to cover them when you are no longer around.

Services – SouthSure Life Assurance

SouthSure offers Life Assurance to New Zealand consumers on a daily basis. With our company growing by the day, and the years of experience we bring to the good people that enter our business, makes us who we are today. We help the people you leave behind get by with a lump-sum payment when you die. This is the bottom line, however, there is so much to our product that helps you carry on living now, and not have to worry about what will happen.

In the event of a disability, death or terminal illness, we have a variety of options that will cover you and your family from the onset. You may not be able to work and provide for the family for some unforsaken reason. You will have financial obligations that need to be met, like the house mortgage, education for the children, bills and credit card debts. Have you wondered what will happen to these debts should you become disabled? We can assist you with the right cover which will cover you and your family should something horrific like this ever happen to you.

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  • Life Insurance
  • General Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

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