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AMI provides Business insurance as well as a host of cover in New Zealand. AMI Insurance has evolved over nearly 100 years into one of New Zealand's leading fire and general insurers.

Having insurance in place can give you the cover for any risk of your business. We offer a range of comprehensive insurance covers that meets the demands of this day and age. Let’s face it, in today’s society, finances are not as easy to come by as they used to be. We all need a little back up support from a trusted provider, without having to put ourselves into debt. We envisage being in business for people looking after their own business.

Our customer service speaks volumes for the quality we provide on an ongoing basis. We keep bringing on the magic, comparing other insurance covers and improving ours to meet the needs of our customers. Let us help you keep your business thriving, let us protect your assets.

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Business Insurance is available at AMI throughout New Zealand. Experience has shown us that having business insurance in place is best practice and allows your company to assume total ownership and accountability for both the strategic and day-to-day running of your company, as well as protecting your assets.

The benefits of insuring your business would include:

  • Ensuring cost saving through the best supplier rates
  • Improved control
  • Consistent service levels
  • Improved management of your insurance

Our principal aim is always to deliver consistent service quality that exceeds expectations. Service excellence will be driven by our ability to cover issues such as response times and quality of service and will play a key role in the ongoing review of service delivery. We know through our years in the business and insurance industry, what a business like yours needs to be financially protected in situations that we cannot control. Call our team today, we can help you.

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