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AIA has been providing Business insurance in New Zealand for many years. AIA New Zealand offer a range of insurances to make life easier, not only for life insurance purposes, but your business can also be subject to damages or theft, where you will need cover in place.

We are there for you, no matter what. From beginning to end, we have an obligation to carry your throughout our relationship with you. This is what makes us stand out from the rest. Our passion and caring for our customers. We will never leave you in the dark. You will have a trusting and helpful advisor at hand any time you need assistance. Our years in the market of insurance covers, has earned us a reputation for providing a quality service over and above normal recommendations.

Be part of thousands of satisfied customers, call our advisors today, and be part of something bigger.

Services – AIA Insurance

AIA is one of the biggest and most successful Business insurance providers in New Zealand. We are one of the largest and most popular insurance providers in New Zealand, allowing our business clients the time to contrite on what is important to them, while we take care of the financial security of your business.

We keep you up to date with the latest in trends and innovative updates on the insurance market. You will always receive top notch quality insurance cover, and your premiums will always be at an affordable rate. We offer insurance that covers you from the financial stresses of theft, fire, hail damages, storms, and much more. You never know what can happen in terms of damages to your company , best be prepared and have an insurance company with experience which knows how to give their clients the most valuable and rewarding service– let us be the ones to do this for you.

We save you time and money, protecting your business while you take care of the important aspects – running your company, and having more time to enjoy life.

Summary of Services

  • Health Insurance
  • Income Protection Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Permanent Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Mortgage
  • Income Insurance
  • Rent Insurance

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The AIA Building, Level 15 5-7 Byron Avenue
North Island
New Zealand

Phone: (09) 488 8800
Fax: (09) 488 8810


Postal Address

AIA New Zealand, Private Bag 300981, Albany
New Zealand

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