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Wespac provides travel insurance in New Zealand. Having the right cover when you don’t have the finances on hand can be a huge relief, especially if something unexpected happens and you need fast relief. Our travel insurance is just what you and your family need when taking a trip out the country.

If you are going away on business, or a family vacation, the cover will alleviate you from the added stress of losing your baggage, having your cell phone or wallet stolen or injuring yourself whilst away. We give you our full commitment that we will work with you energetically and creatively to deliver added value to you – and with an expert perspective that will ensure we serve your best interests at all times, and that every possible avenue for improvement is explored and exploited. Yu can rely on Wespac to be your safety net in times of crioses. Don’t worry about the things that can go wrong, concentrate of making memories, let us handle the rest.

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At Westpac, we are committed to ensuring the privacy of your information. Through a transparent and passionate team, offer travellers travel insurance in New Zealand.

Don’t let the thought of illness, theft, injury or even worse situations, affect your travel planning. If you are within the insurance criteria requisitions, you qualify for our short term travel insurance at very low premiums. You can’t afford not to take this generous offer. Not only do you benefit from this travel policy, your family can be covered as well. Being away from home is supposed to be an exciting event. You could be away for a few weeks, a month or longer. Have you got a solid safety net in place should something unexpected happen to you or your family member travelling with you?

We have the short term solution for you. At minimal rates, we will cover all of you, no matter where you are travelling to. Be covered and enjoy your holiday!

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