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At State we’ve been helping New Zealanders with their insurance for more than 100 years. Today, State is providing travel insurance in New Zealand for those travelling for business or leisure. We manage over a million policies for more than 460,000 Kiwis. In that time, we’ve worked hard to build up a pretty good understanding of New Zealanders’ insurance needs.

We mirror our client’s values, innovation and customer focused service is driven by State by applying state-of-the-art methods in our business performance in order to extract maximum return on investment for both shareholders and clients. Our passion for people will ensure we address every element of your vision in our travel insurance services to you. We invite you to create an insurance solution that ensure your travel budget goes further through cost savings, quality service, convenience and expert support.

Let us pave the way to better living, and safer travel. We take the frustration of financial needs to a whole new level with our approach to looking after your best interests.

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At State we care about the well-being of our business customers’ business and want to make sure you have the right cover in place - and we’ve been insuring Kiwis for over 100 years. State now offers travel insurance in New Zealand. In addition to the cost saving benefit, we will provide electronic claim forms to the travellers when required.

Travellers complete these forms and attach all relevant receipts and foreign expenditure documents, returning these to us. Travel insurance has become a necessary commodity for those who travel for business or pleasure. This can often be forgotten in the midst of excitement when planning a holiday. We have made your travel insurance easier and simpler to get. With a very simple application process, you and your family can be covered for your time away. The last thing you need is the hassle and burden of dealing with any kind of emergency whilst away on holiday.

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