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We're one of the most recognised and respected organisations in New Zealand. AA Insurance offer clients the option of travel insurance in New Zealand. Don’t be caught off guard should the unmentionable happen while you are away on business or away on holiday with your family. Things happen unexpectedly without warning. An accident, injury, theft or something as simple as losing your luggage. These can be covered with one of our unique travel insurance policies. Whatever insurance option you choose, our mission is the same.

Your safety and protection is what we strive for at the end of the day. Be it travel insurance or life insurance, the end result is having our customers covered, so that if something should happen, you have a safety guard to cover you and your family financially. We will never be prepared for what unexpected circumstances may come our way, we can only be prepared with a backup plan. By insuring your travel with us, you can go away feeling safe guarded and protected should something bad happen without warning.

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Make sure you’re covered with AA Travel Insurance when you’re next travelling, whether internationally or within New Zealand. AA Insurance provide travel insurance in New Zealand to our clients looking for that security when travelling on business or leisure. We will cover you for the simple things that make your life complete.

A stolen purse or passport, lost or stolen luggage, sickness or injury while away. You cannot plan for these unexpected surprises. What you can do, is be prepared should any of them happen. With our comprehensive cover, you and your family can be covered in the event of anything wrong happening. We have the experience in the industry to understand what our travelling clients need. We can provide that safety net of protection at a low premium on a short term basis, covering you while travelling. Call us today, and let us quote you on travel insurance that may change your life.

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  • Life Cover
  • Funeral Cover
  • Accidental Death
  • Travel Insurance

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