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Pinnacle Life provides Term Life Insurance in New Zealand. Since the day we opened our doors to our clients in 1998, we have be providing an evolutionary and valuable service to every single client. No matter what you want out of an insurance cover, we will have the solution to suit your desired needs. Established in 1998 with offices in Newmarket, Auckland, Pinnacle Life Limited is a New Zealand owned life insurer and member of the FSC, offering products directly to consumers.

Through the years, we have paved the way for our clients to reap the benefits and claim the rewards should they endure a tragic incident. Be it a life insurance, home insurance or even a car insurance. Having some kind of cover in place can only ensure you have cleverly placed a protection over your life. Pave the financial future of those you leave pay the mortgage, investing in education, putting food on the table and paying the monthly bills. Contact us today, and let us help you protect the ones you love.

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Pinnacle Life provides Term Life Insurance in New Zealand. Having a term life insurance makes perfect sense. Why should you have to wait till you die for your insurance to pay out? Now you get to choose the terms.

Get your pay-out after the term you have settled on, and get a lump sum pay-out, to pay for those large debts that linger over your head. Pay off your home mortgage, tertiary education for the children, or even your car loan. Get debt free, and enjoy your life with the people you love. Our term life insurance policies are so flexible. With minimal monthly payment plans, and the option to cancel within a month should you change your mind. Think of this cover as a savings investments. Should you by some unforeseen incident, die before the policy pays out. The cover will pay your beneficiary and dependents, as well as your funeral costs.

Summary of Services

  • Life Cover
  • Cancer Cover
  • Mortgage Cover
  • Funeral Cover

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