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LifeDirect provides Term Life Insurance in New Zealand. By ensuring you receive the best quality product, and receive the most benefits from your cover, we have established a range of lucrative covers for you.

We will evaluate your situation, your family’s needs and your assets, and help you get the cover that will ensure a security net for each of these areas. We know you family is your most important asset. Should an unexpected illness or death occur, we’re here to make it easy. Get a valuable service with a policy you can rely on to cover you in unexpected situations. We offer more than you bargain for at prices you can afford. Having the peace of mind that you and your family and your home is covered, will allow you the time to enjoy life while you are still here. Make memories with your family, while we hold an umbrella of safety over your heads.

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LifeDirect provides Term Life Insurance in New Zealand. Having any kind of insurance in place is quite a critical thing. Should you not have any form of life cover in place, you may leave the people you love / your family stranded financially, and unable to provide for the things they need.

Your policy can provide a financial security for your family to cover them through the funeral and even afterwards, by tackling those unpaid debts like the home, car and tertiary loans. Term insurance has become more popular amongst the insurance policies out there. Customers can choose the term in which they want to pay over, which allows them to receive the pay out after that specific term, and not necessarily after their death. Why not discuss a term insurance option with us, we will assist you with all your questions and queries in regards to which insurance policy would best suit your needs.

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