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We're one of the most recognised and respected organisations in New Zealand. AA Insurance provides Term Life Insurance in New Zealand. By giving our clients the value of our experience and friendly advisors, we know that we offer a service second to none, and very rarely matched in the country.

We offer our clients a superior Life Cover which provides a lump sum pay out as death cover to cover funeral costs, living costs and any debts like a mortgage or credit card bills. In whatever unexpected circumstance that comes our way, the end result is always a financial one. Not all us us have a stash of cash lying around to cvoer the bills in the event of a fatal accident or terminal illness. This is what make AA Life so important in our client’s lives. We secure that financial need and pay out a lump sum to cover your debts in this tragic event.

Services – AA Term Life Insurance

AA provides Term Life Insurance in New Zealand. Term Life Insurance: death benefit without the high premiums, is the basic form of life insurance, offering a more flexible pay-out option. This fantastic and very popular cover is affordable, and so easy to apply for, giving customers more benefits than ever before.

Term Life Insurance is still an insurance policy, so the same valuable benefits apply, however, you don’t have to die for the policy to pay out. You choose the payment terms you are comfortable with, in the budget that suits your needs. The insurance pays out a lump sum at the end of the term, and you may use this to cover all your large debts such as your home, car and education. Should you by some unfortunate chance die before the policy is up to date, your beneficiaries will receive the pay-out to cover the debts. The insurance cover will also cover your funeral costs and bills pertaining to it.

Summary of Services

  • Life Cover
  • Funeral Cover
  • Accidental Death
  • Travel Insurance

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