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Pinnacle Life provides renters insurance for new and existing customers living in New Zealand. Our decades of knowledge, experience and capability in the insurance industry is our key strength. What sets us apart is our innovation and ability to support both your insurance needs and technologies in a flexible and comprehensive way – delivering an integrated solution mapped to your objectives.

  • Our clients keep choosing us for our independent thinking, and our ability to execute leading practices in their insurance needs.
  • Represented across the country
  • 100% New Zealand owned
  • clients who operate across a broad range of all industries
  • Over 17 years in the industry

We bring through a service delivery that will get your attention from the first day. We give you VALUE, TRANSPARENCY, AFFORDABILITY, FLEXIBILITY and A PARTNER FO LIFE. Don’t miss out on the insurance opportunities of a lifetime. We WILL have a solution that best fits you. Call our team today, and get a new kind of personal service.

Services – Pinnacle Life

New Zealand's Pinnacle Life provides renters insurance to residents. We offer a rental cover which insures wither the landlord from damages or loss of rental on his property. We also cover the person doing the renting, in case they are involved in an accident which leaves them unable to work and pay the rent for a specific period of time. We also cover damages such as theft, fire, and much more. This policy provides cover to pay off the mortgage in the event of your death. It keeps a roof over the heads of the people you leave behind.

We are there for you, our differentiators include:

  • We pay the mortgage if you die and up to 12 months earlier if you're diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  • Your cover will continue until you die.
  • Your claim will be paid in New Zealand Dollars to the mortgage lending institution, anywhere in the world.
  • You may be entitled to increase your cover with no medical questions asked, if you marry, divorce, take out a mortgage, increase your existing mortgage or become a parent.
  • Decrease your cover or cancel this policy at any time without penalty.
  • Payment over a variety of easy payment options - either monthly, half yearly or annually via direct debit, internet banking or credit card.
  • Your payments increase each year as you get older.

Summary of Services

  • Life Cover
  • Cancer Cover
  • Mortgage Cover
  • Funeral Cover

Physical Address

New Zealand

Phone: 0800 22 22 23 / (09) 522 5515

Fax: (09) 522 5518


Postal Address

PO Box 1471
New Zealand