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New Zealand PIC offers renters insurance. Through all the years we have been helping the good people in New Zealand with their insurance and financial requirements, we have built an intrinsic knowledge of the requirements and needs of our clients.

We have learned through the 15 years in the industry, what the best options are, where our clients will benefit the most, and how they will receive value for the premiums they pay on t e monthly basis. We look further ahead, thinking of how you can provide for your loved ones should you not be here anymore. We want you to feel safe and secure with our protection options, and know that you have made the right choice in choosing PIC as your insurance brokers for life.

You’re in safe hands, when you talk to PIC Insurance Brokers. Why, because we have brokers with over 15 years’ experience in the accommodation sector.

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PIC in New Zealand, cover the country for renters insurance. We know how quickly your home and your rented property can experience damages.

Things happen all the time, and most often out of the blue. We can’t always anticipate when things will take a turn for the worst. Being prepared for any expected situation will leave you simply devastated, and financially stressed. In this country, we are more aware than ever that unexpected disasters can occur at any stage of our lives. Being someone who rents a premises, you have the responsibility of paying your rent on time, and keeping your belongings safe. We can help you do just that. Our renters insurance offer you a cover should you be a victim of illness or disability, and be unable to earn your steady income to pay your rent. We will cover your rent throughout this period.

We also cover repairs and purchasing of new belongings that are damaged through fire, theft and other disasters.

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  • Business Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Income Protection Insurance

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