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With today’s tough economy many pet owners are unprepared to handle vet fees and surgeries that accidents or illness can bring. In these situations both owners and vets are forced to make decisions regarding treatment based primarily on cost.

Well Pet In New Zealand is the trusted name in pet insurance. Looking for the best cover to suit your needs? Have you ever thought of your pet? Are you able to afford unexpected visits and treatment from the vet should your pet fall ill? If you have answered no to these questions, then we are here to assist you. With our financial stability, strong team of experienced insurance professionals. We have done the hard work for you. We have come up with the best solution for animal lovers. Those who have pets entrusted to them, and pets who rely on you to give them the best quality life you can give. We cover your pets at a low rate monthly, with added benefits beyond your imagination. We keep your pet safe, cared for and never leave you scrounging for financial help when your pet is in need of medical care.

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We too know what being a pet owner feel like. In some cases you feel like your hands are tied when you incur vet bills that exceed your budget. We don’t always anticipate having to send our fluffy friends to the vet, these things can happen unexpectedly. When that moment occurs, we will be by your side to cover the costs. Your pet in general needs to visit the vet on occasion for inoculations, check-ups and deworming. We have you covered!

In the event that you are looking for pet protection, then look no further. Our dedication to offering you a quality item broadens past the customary administrations offered by other pet protection suppliers. We strive to guarantee that our clients feel acknowledged and here are a number of the reasons why 90% of our clients replenish every year: We settle our cases rapidly. We can pay the claim of your pet’s treatment with no hesitation.

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