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Many other Pet Insurance Policies limit the amount of time or money you can claim for a single Illness or condition. THE WAREHOUSE PET PLAN covers Vet Fees for re-occurring or chronic conditions for the life of the pet, providing you continue to renew you policy without any break in cover. Pet owners throughout New Zealand have learnt of our incredible product, and we have seen an increased demand for this particular cover. Your pets play an important role in your lives. They are most often termed as part of the family, just like a child. If your child were ill, you will do whatever you could to ensure they receive the proper treatment.

Now you can do the same for your pet, at a minimal instalment on a monthly basis, you can give your beloved pets the healthy happy life they deserve. Let your pet grow old with you, and not have to worry about expensive vet visits.

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For most of us, our pet is just as much a part of our family as the rest of us. Just like humans, our pets can undergo illness or need surgery. In some cases, they can be involved in an accident, and the costs of pet medical bills can be alarmingly high. Our pets also need their regular vaccinations and shots, deworming, and other treatments. These all add up and can weigh heavy on our pockets.

They are essential however when taking good care of the pet you love dear. Now you can have the very best medical care for your pet, and not have to fork out thousands of dollars every time these expenses occur. Bu taking out pet insurance, you are taking care of your beloved pet. No more worrying about not getting the treatment your pet needs to stay healthy, and live its expected long life. Our insurance covers your pet’s bills, and gives you the peace of mind that your best friend wil be healthy and happy to enjoy life with you.

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