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New Zealand's first specialist Landlord Insurance Policy provider REAL Landlord Insurance NZ Ltd (formerly known as Terri Scheer Insurance Ltd) was established in New Zealand in 2003. The Landlord Preferred Policy was specifically designed by Terri Scheer, in Australia, to protect the interests of landlords and their investment properties. REAL Landlord Insurance New Zealand is the client’s top choice in pet insurance.

Now you don’t have to wonder where the financial solution will come from when your pet requires medical care. Through our animal’s lives, they will at some time encounter an illness or need some form of medical attention. The cost of this treatment can work out heavy on the budget, and we are not always prepared financially for this. We can help you cover your pet’s medical needs. Contact us for our unique pet insurance solution. Your safety net to your pet’s healthy life and longevity. Be the owner your pet trusts.

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Much the same as you, your pets can encounter wellbeing issues, have injuries or basically need to go for the regular check-ups at the vet. A visit to the vet may be quite costly.

Pet Insurance serves to furnish you with true serenity that your pet is secured should the unforeseen happen, whilst additionally furnishing you with extra services you can access to help keep them in the best of health.

We understand there's not an one-size fits all arrangement regarding your pet so we offer a scope of adaptable alternatives to help you deal with the wellbeing and health necessities of your pet, generally as you deal with your own wellbeing.

With such a large number of protection choices available it can be both drawn out and confounding to recognize what's best for your puppy which is the reason we've made it simple.

Our scope of approaches offer a mixed bag of services to suit each financial plan we can help you choose the ideal pet protection that suits both you and your closest companion.

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