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Clarish Pet Insurance in New Zealand is your top choice in pet cover. When you suddenly find your treasured family pet or horse, sick or injured, the last thing you want to worry about is an expensive bill from your vet.

More and more people in New Zealand realise the benefits that pet insurance has to offer. If you have animals, the smart move to make is getting pet insurance. Animals, like us, also have bad days. They get ill, and require medical treatment at some stage of their lives. One trip to the vet can cost thousands. Are you financially ready to fork out dollars every time you need treatment for your beloved animal? We can assist your with animal protection as a financial safety net when you need these funds for your pet. Pet insurance has a number of benefits. We cover your pets in serious illness as well as their treatment. We give a discount for two or more animals under the same cover. Our pet insurance policy is easily fit for any budget.

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When planning ahead for the financial future of your family. Why not think of the other family members who also need cover. Be it annual check-ups, mild treatments, severe illness or an injury, your pet can also be covered in this regard. Why worry about paying for the vet ills that add up to phenomenal amount at the end of the day.

Your pet can be insured just like another member of the family. When your beloved per gets ill, it’s just like having a child get sick. The last thing you want is to have your loved one not getting the right medical care they need. Without pet care insurance cover, we can cover your pet for illness and treatment. This gives you the peace of mind that they can carry on living a happy healthy life with you. Let us give you the cover your pet deserves. Call Clarish today for pet insurance in New Zealand.

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