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CANSTAR takes pride in providing fact-based data and ratings to New Zealand consumers and financial institutions. Canstar provides pet insurance in New Zealand, and has been one of the top insurance provider for many years. With our approach to care, we take our unique products a step further. We take the needs of our clients very seriously. Through trends and research, on average, pet owners are paying a fortune to keep their pets it tip top shape. Some pets undergo major illness, and need to be put down because pet owners cannot afford the treatment necessary for them to survive.

This is an unnecessary procedure, as pet healthcare can fit within your budget with our pet cover. With a minimal monthly instalment, so little you won’t even notice the payments, you can cover your pet for any illness he may incur. Speak to us about insuring your pet.

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Ever thought about wellbeing protection for your adored pet? Our protection products are intended to take care of the unforeseen veterinary expenses that canines/ felines kept as pets may bring about as the consequence of sickness or unexpected accidents.

There are numerous unforeseen dangers connected with owning a feline, puppy or rabbit. If your pet is lost or stolen you may need to promote for its protected return and offer something to the person who discovers it. Pet protection can help take care of the expense of boarding pet hotel/cattery expenses in the event that you are hospitalized or even help with legitimate expenses like if your pooch causes an accident bringing about 3rd party harm or damage. We can give choices of cover to every one of these things and that's only the tip of the iceberg, giving you the abundantly required peace of mind in terms of your pet's prosperity. As you survey the data about our pet protection insurance, please take the time to peruse the Terms and Conditions of every arrangement. It's vital that you see precisely what it is you are purchasing.

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