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New Zealanders can benefit from PROTECTA INSURANCE providing long term care insurance. We are owned and run purely by New Zealand owners. We are proud of how far we have come over the years, providing the essential financial means for clients across the country, to secure their future. No matter where life take you, be prepared.

You never know what hand you will be dealt later on – so having an insurance company with the experience and a passion for your well-being, can only count as benefit to you and your family. We also believe in giving back to the community, we have gone to great measures to add our bit by providing sponsorship to causes such as the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Trust, the WIMA Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Charity Ride, and various club championships, teams, and events throughout the country. Our underwriter is AlliANZ Australia Insurance Limited. We are the people’s choice of insurance brokerage. We know we can change your future for the better, call us today.

Services – PROTECTA Insurance

New Zealand's PROTECTA INSURANCE provides long term care insurance. In the event that you should become paralysed or disabled, through a medical condition or freak accident, being independent again takes time, and requires a lot of assistance emotionally and through other areas.

Should you have to go back to work, which is almost essential in this day we live in, it may not be as easy as you think. Your company pays your income, you need your income to survive on a daily basis. Paying the bills is not cheap. This long term care cover ensures that whatever your specific needs are, to carry on with your life as it once was, is an ability. We will ensure the right equipment, furniture and anything else you need to regain the ability to work as you once did, is covered.

You may need special seating, ablutions, ramps, and other essential alterations to make life a little easier for you. We will help you pay the costs with this cover.

Summary of Services

  • Life Cover
  • Funeral Cover
  • Accidental Death
  • Travel Insurance

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