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COOP INSURANCE New Zealand provides long term care insurance. We continue to innovate and provide top quality products through our forward thinking. We continue to have our client’s best interests at heart in everything we do.

We are always thinking to ourselves, how we can improve the way forward. How can our clients benefit from this? How affordable is it for our clients? Will this product be lucrative to our client longer term as well as short term? There are so many factors we have to consider, before putting our products out there. So when we do, you know that a great deal of thought and work has been put into the actual grounding of the cover. We provide range of life & lifestyle insurance products to protect the interests of you and your family in the event something unexpected happens!

Helping ease the financial pain for your family.

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COOP INSURANCE New Zealand provides all residents with long term care insurance. We are always looking out for new ways to add value to our client’s needs.

We want to continue to being different, and adding value where others don’t. So we have a product which does just that. Long term care cover is an insurance cover which is often overlooked, but is however, extremely important. Should you be paralysed or disabled because of a freak accident, or health problem, you may need special facilities and care to get back into your normal routine. This is very costly, and emotionally draining.

Tying to adapt to living in another way is not at all easy. We have tried to make it less complicated for you. We will cover the expenses of the company area and your home, to facilitate your needs, making it easier for you to carry on as normal. We always have you best needs at heart.

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  • Business Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Trauma Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Income Protection
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