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About – CANSTAR Blue

CANSTAR BLUE is one of New Zealands top providers when it comes down to long term care insurance. We are in touch with the needs of the country’s consumer needs. We have done our research over the years, and have concluded to areas of necessity and not just nice to have’s. We have found a range of products which we believe can bring beneficial value, not just short term, but for long term benefits. Our clients can expect more from us. We are different, and we are branching out every day, through the experience and knowledge we build on a daily basis.

Our ratings help customers get an understanding of what can add real value to their lives. We can help you too. Why not have a chat to us, we know we can make a difference in your life. Think long term, and think of the people that depend upon you financially. Can you afford not to!

Services – CANSTAR Blue

CANSTAR BLUE in New Zealand provides all residents with long term care insurance. Having an insurance policy in place can be a significant investment to the average New Zealander, so make sure you have a suitable and valuable cover in place through our experienced team in the industry. We have long term care insurance that will add more value than you care to realise.

Who is this cover for?

  • Individuals paralysed temporarily or permanently.
  • paralysis caused by a particular medical condition
  • medical conditions that could have a long-term negative effects

The reality of being in a situation like this, is that people you end up disabled long term, still may want to carry on with every day routine as they once did.

However, this may require special equipment, furniture, etc., to enable the person to work sufficiently. This long term cover enables you to do so. By paying for the equipping of homes and offices, to allow you to work as normal. It also covers a day to day benefit should you require someone to assist you with normal living as well as cooking, getting dressed, bathing and more.

Summary of Services

  • Travel Insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Life Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Trauma Insurance
  • Workplace Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • General Insurance

Physical Address

New Zealand

Phone: 021 486 330

Postal Address

PO BOX 2073, Shortland Street
New Zealand