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AMP provides long term care insurance for all living in New Zealand. We making choosing the right insurance company easy. We tend to your individual needs and take our time to make sure you don’t make any hash decisions, and not the right choices. We are continuously growing on developments in technology, health, and general standards of living. With experience of over 150 years in the community, AMP has evolved from its humble mutual life insurance beginnings into a large organisation which strives on the involvement of the community and customers alike.

We ensure that we provide personal advice to help you and your family look forward to a more secure and brighter future. We will provide a service way above your expectations, delivering on our promises to give each client the valuable, simple service at affordable prices, reaping the most rewards. We will continue to provide for basic needs such as our retirement, and protecting our assets, health, income and family.

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AMP New Zealand, provides long term care insurance to consumers looking for the right cover. Most of us couldn't imagine our lives being any different than they already are. But what if something were to happen, leave you needing long term care from a nurse or care giver.

You would need assistance with your day to day living and routines. Not earning an income in this time can be challenging. We have the solution. Our long term care cover pays a daily amount for these times of need. Get the care you need to get well again, and let us worry about the remuneration to cover it. So if something should happen, it's good to know we're here to help you get back on your feet as soon as possible, hassle-free.

With AMP life insurance, you can apply for the amount of cover that best suits your needs. The key benefits:

  • If you die, this payment can be used to pay off large debts such as your mortgage, credit cards, medical expenses or bills and provides your partner and children with the money they need to take care of themselves without you, and cover any necessary expenses.
  • Receive advance payment if you are given 12 months or less to live.
  • Funeral benefit. Provides an advance payment to help with funeral and other related costs.

Summary of Services

  • Business Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Income Protection Insurance

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