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AA LIFE in New Zealand are top of the list when it comes to providing long term care insurance. We are more than an insurance company. We are an organisation of value and benefits all the way. Not only for our clients, have we also taken great pride in our community and are respected in the New Zealand organisation.

We offer a cover for every situation. Being versatile is one of our differentiators, being able to adapt to all needs, and adapt solutions to your needs. We can help you in whatever situation your can think of. We think long term, and so should you. Life is so unpredictable, being prepared for anything, can save you financially and emotionally long term.

Be it your car, home, life, family, income and much more. You need it covered? We will protect your wellbeing throughout your journey with us. Your family is just as important to us, we will guide to in the direction that will be most beneficial for you.

Services – AA Life NZ

AA LIFE provides long term care insurance in New Zealand and surrounding areas. When you invest with AA Life, you know you have a partner for life. We have been insuring clients for many years, with a track sheet a mile long on our ability to attend to our customers’ needs from the first day.

When it comes to our customers lives, we take this very seriously. Knowing that you couldn’t afford to live financially for a long term base, may send your emotions into an unknown space. You can literally feel the blood running down to your feet just thinking about it. We advise our cover of protection in the event that you should encounter a situation like this.

Maybe you were injured, disabled, or had a procedure which left you unable to care for yourself for quite a while. We have the long term care cover in place just for this occasion. Get the care you need, get well again, and we will cover the income bracket in this time.

Summary of Services

  • Car Insurance
  • Funeral Plan
  • Life Insurance

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