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About – Pinnacle Life

Pinnacle Life has been proving Life Insurance to New Zealand customers for over 17 years. Throughout experience, and knowledge of the industry, we have formed a relationship with thousands of people in need of planning their future wisely with the greatest beneficial products we have to offer. When taking out life insurance, one has to think long term, and what factors to take into account that will benefit not only yourself, but the people you may leave behind.

Pinnacle Life takes the hassle out of the choices you need to make, and puts the reality into perspective for you. We build up your policy throughout the term allowing you and your family to reap the rewards, and having the peace of mind, knowing that your expenses are taken care of. Life insurance is a delicate subject to confront, however essential in today’s world. We make the subject a little easier, and simpler for our clients, and offer a range of services that will always be in the best interest of you and your family.

Services – Pinnacle Life

Pinnacle Life offers their clients a unique cover in the inevitable event of your death. We all know this untimely event with arise, but are you prepared? No one likes to think about the costly consequence that follows this dramatic event, however it is a reality. Making sure your family is covered for the expense of funeral cover and all the added costs involved in unpaid mortgages, accounts and related debts, can leave you breathless and very disturbed.

Your family shouldn’t have the burden of these debts as well as having to mourn as well. Have comfort in knowing that your family will still be able to put food on the table, and education for your children can still proceed without having to sell your house and other valuables that your family may still need to survive comfortably. Be prepared for the future, and have peace of mind that your family will be taken care of in the event of your passing.

Summary of Services

  • Life Cover
  • Cancer Cover
  • Mortgage Cover
  • Funeral Cover

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Gillies Avenue Office Park, 27 Gillies Avenue
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Phone: 0800 22 22 23 / (09) 522 5515

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