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LifeDirect provides life insurance in New Zealand with the purpose of providing their clients with a simple and approachable product which adds value. The benefits of a solution of our calibre ensures our clients receive an end to end process of comparison for life insurance cover, when the markets out there are so complicated. We make it simpler and more affordable to receive the cover you need, long term. We help you choose the right solution to suit your budget and your family, and take the hassle out of sifting through hundreds of options on the table. Why would you take the complicated route, when we make life easier, and take your life insurance needs seriously?

Speak to LifeDirect today, and get the cover you need, and think of your future. We understand the needs of you and your family, and will assist you in making the right choice.

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Our services are more than a sales product offered to our New Zealand clients. We offer you choice. So often we find our clients are unaware of the actual product they are purchasing, so LifeDirect, guide you to make the choice which adds beneficial value to your life insurance needs. We offer three sections to our service which include comparison – quick and fair selection – choice to change cover.

How do we do this?

We take a smarter approach to comparing life insurance to suit your needs and your budget, making sure the insurance you choose is transparent and beneficial with lasting value. Secondly, we take a complicated selection process, and make it simple, without deflating the quality of the product. And thirdly, LifeDirect allows you to have the option to change your life cover or your claim when you want to. We are continuously looking for innovative ways to make decisions like these simple, versatile and profitable for our clients.

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  • Life Insurance

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