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AMI provides life insurance in New Zealand, to clients in need of guidance and financial freedom for their families in their untimely death. Since foundered in 1926, AMI has been providing cover for clients with respect and attention to their client’s needs. Being prepared for the future is a smart move. At AMI, we pride ourselves in evolving with the times, and with the needs of potential and existing customers, whom are planning ahead. Life flashes before our eyes in a heartbeat, having a cover in place to protect the people you love in the event of your death, is a necessity in these times.

With debt rising through the roof and the economy not shying away from the population, we have to think ahead, and be proactive. By taking out life cover today, you minimise the monthly costs, and add substantial peace of mind to your loved ones, knowing that they will be taken care of.

Services – AMI Life Insurance

We know our customers and their needs, we have tailor-made our items to address those issues. We have developed our customer base within the salary brackets of all New Zealand consumers. Today have a great many fulfilled customers benefiting from our services and have their life covered.

We value our attributes in providing services with:

  • Knowing what our clients need and want
  • Being affordable and transparent
  • Being accessible
  • Offering a simple cover which is relevant to our clients lifestyle
  • Being a trusted partner
  • Offering impeccable service
  • Being effective with an experienced team of professionals

The "what ifs" in life aren't anything but difficult to consider. Imagine a scenario where I get to be crippled or injured – will I have the capacity to bear the cost of the progressions I have to make in my home. Imagine a scenario in which I get a disease and can't work any longer – who will pay the debts. Furthermore, imagine a scenario where I may die unexpectedly – will my family have the capacity to manage the cost of my burial service and their continuous month to month bills? We can help you take those fears away!

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  • Car
  • House
  • Contents

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