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Onepath have been paying claims for over 12 years and throughout that time we remain committed to our philosophy of doing what’s right by our customers every time. We take an in-depth view of your lifestyle, challenges, and financial obligations and customise a solution that will benefit you and your family long term. We look for ways to pay claims – not how to get out of paying claims. Onepath Life Assurance in the people’s choice of life cover in New Zealand.

Our clients are proof of the incredible service we deliver, and that is worth boasting about. It’s all about the people we assist, and help. We take our partnerships with our clients personally. Each client is an individual with special needs and requirements. You will definitely get a signature cover through Onepath. Contact us today, yfor your tailor-made life cover solution. Start making memories instead of worrying about the future.

Services – OnePath

OnePath is one of New Zealand’s leading providers of life Assurance and financial cover. Our policies are designed to ensure you, your family and your business enjoy comprehensive cover with the added benefits of not having the worries of who will take care of financial obligations. Our products give you the peace of mind you deserve, to ensure your responsibility of being the breadwinner and provider, carry through even when you aren’t able to provide any longer.

Your family’s financial requirements be it education, having a roof over their head, or credit card bills, will be taken care of. Worrying about your future can be an overwhelming topic, and dwindling on this can leave you worrying your entire life away. Rather spend your energy enjoying life with the people that matter. Let Onepath worry about your financial future, and by taking out a life cover with us, you have already taken care of the rest!

Summary of Services

  • Personal Insurance
  • Business Insurance

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9-11 Corinthian Drive
North Island
New Zealand

Phone: 0508 40 999
Fax: 0508 40 777


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Private Bag 92131, Victoria Street West
New Zealand