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When LifeDirect opened their doors to service their clients, they saw the good they were offering their clients, and flourished and so was the rewards of seeing thousands of customers leaving financial freedom for their families. Life Assurance is an essential solution which LifeDIrect offer New Zealand clients. Our aim is to offer our clients the best solution to suit their family, lifestyle and budget. We customise a solution which is totally beneficial to you, and covers you in the event of terminal illness, death or disability.

Being covered financially in these situations is critical, especially if you are the main contributor to the household. There are expenses that add up very quickly in our lives. The house payments, vehicles, bills, credit card debts and education. Be sure you have these areas covered for the financial freedom of your family’s sake, and be proactive and smart, let us help you with a simple approach to thinking forward.

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A life assurance cover from DirectLife is the most essential type of life protection and is typically the least expensive approach to protect your life. It covers you for a particular sum, more than a particular term. It can be set up to cover more than one individual. Regularly in the event that you have a joint home loan then both individuals need ensuring. It can likewise be set up so the measure of insurance either diminishes in accordance to your contract, stays level all through the term or increments in line with your expanding needs. This kind of arrangement just pays out the predefined sum if you die amid the term of the cover.

With some term protection arrangements you can include extra advantages, for example basic sickness spread. If you do add on discriminating sickness cover, the arrangement will pay out once we have been notified, or should you pass away from the ailment.

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  • Life Cover
  • Medical Cover
  • Disability Cover
  • Health Insurance
  • Accident Cover
  • Life Insurance

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