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About – Kiwi Life

KIWI Life Assurance in New Zealand is the name that stands out when people think of having life cover to the full. We at Kiwicover understand how important the issues are when trying to ensure your family is looked after. Our family and loved ones are what makes life worth living. By taking the time now in this part of your life, to stop and think about what they will need to be financially able to carry on, should you die, is huge deal.

However, being proactive, and looking at long term effects that may hamper your family’s wellbeing, is a smart way of thinking. This will give you more time to actually enjoy being around, making memories and each day count. Just knowing that if something had to happen to you, the people that depend on you financially, won’t have to worry about the debts and bills. Call us today, we will give you a Life cover solution that works!

Services – Kiwi Life

KiwiCover is summed up perfectly as being the top provider of Life Assurance cover in New Zealand. We provide financial protection by establishing a defence against the unexpected. We believe in being prepared for whatever life may throw at us. We have our risk management triggers, and have gone into all the investigations and come up with solutions, so that when you come to us, we have the right answer just for you. We take great pride in giving our clients what they need.

By ensuring they receive the best advice, honesty and business partner they can trust, to give them a cover and a product which in turn not only benefits the client, but also their loved ones. We have paid out thousands of claims each year, which is proof that our business is about paying out what our clients deserve. Call us today, and get the life cover you deserve.

Summary of Services

  • Life
  • Health
  • Income Protection
  • Trauma
  • Permanent Disability
  • Family Protection

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