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ANZ Lifestyle Insurance offers and endless solution to your lifestyle needs. By offering clients in New Zealand, and solution to their life Assurance, and customising the product to suit your lifestyle and budget, we have through the years created a clientele of very happy families. Being prepared for what may happen further on in your life can be an extremely important choice to make. Having the best interests of your family at heart, is a proactive way to secure your family’s future.

By incorporating our expertise, and people centric approach to our business, we take a personal interest in your requirements. Each of our clients is treated as an individual, after all, no one person has the same lifestyle. We need to cater for our clients to accommodate their essential requirements, and those of their families and loved ones. Have the peace of mind, knowing that your future in is the hands of a trusted Life Assurance provider, let ANZ Lifestyle Insurance secure your family’s future.

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ANZ Lifestyle Insurance includes unlimited Life Cover and offers three optional benefits that cover Critical Illness, Total Temporary Disability and Redundancy or Bankruptcy. Simply choose the combination of cover that suits your needs. These policies are underwritten by OnePath Life (NZ) Limited. Find out more about their Financial Strength Rating and Solvency.

We can never be too prepared for what happens to us in the future. We never know when an illness may strike, or when our time is up. These are decisions that are not up to us. The decision we can make is to make sure we are prepared for this should it happen. Your family may not be able to cope with the overwhelming expenses including credit card bills, house mortgage and education fees. These can all be covered with ur all inclusive life cover. We have your back, now you can have your families back! Call us today!

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