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New Zealanders can get the Income Protection Insurance they need at PINNACLE LIFE. We started with our quest to making people’s lives simpler and easier in 1998 with a vision of helping and protecting people when they needed a cover during the difficult times.

Through the years, we have grown to be one of the largest new Zealand owned businesses throughout the country. We offer insurance directly to our clients, giving them the ability to secure their financial means and cover their lives at lower premiums and through accessible and simple platforms.

We make insurance less complicated, with a transparent product for every need. You need never to worry about being stuck in financial turmoil again, should your life take an unexpected turn, we have you covered, and you can carry on living to the full. We are different, we offer you choice, which are affordable, and transparent, giving you the empowerment to choose what the right option is for your needs. Through our efficient paperless application, you can be covered in no time at all.

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PINNACLE LIFE is the insurance company of New Zealanders choice in Income Protection Insurance. We offer you income protection as one of our many beneficial insurance covers. Earning an income is how you basically survive.

We rely on our monthly pay cheque to cover the general expenses, our home mortgages, car payments, and everyday living like putting food on the table. Without this steady income, we would fall flat, and in a scurry to find financial assistance. This is not easy especially if you have been diagnosed with an illness that is long term, or you are in an accident and need time to recover. We offer a solution that will assist you in these times of need. Our income protection insurance is there to fill the void. We have a simple, clear product which is affordable, easy to access with quick pay out terms. Should you die unexpectedly, and there is no income coming to your family, the policy pays out cash to cover your funeral as well as the overhanging debts left to your family.

We're different. When you buy from us online it takes minutes and when it is's done. You'll have a policy and you're covered.

Summary of Services

  • Life
  • Trauma
  • Income Protection
  • Total & Permanent Disability

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