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About – PIC Income Insurance

PIC offers Income Protection Insurance as one of our incredible options in New Zealand. We are passionate about insurance, about people, and about service delivery.

These components are what drives our experienced team to perform at the highest standards. Rewarding factors to us are knowing, that every day, we have helped save a family from financial ruin when time get tight. Life can take an unexpected turn down a dodgy highway, and the only protection one can have, is through an insurance protection plan. Luckily, we have a product to suit every person, tailor designed for the kind of cover you need. PIC Insurance Brokers is one of the largest 100% owned independent Broker left in New Zealand.

We are unique, we are different, and we are all about our clients. we want to:

  • Do the right thing by you
  • Live, work and play right here in New Zealand
  • be your one-stop shop for personal insurance
  • your protection in times of need

Services – PIC Income Insurance

PIC New Zealand offers Income Protection Insurance. Through life, there are unexpected turns that can leave us with an unexpected illness for a long period of time, or we could be involved in an accident which leaves us unable to go to work in the mornings, and earn the income our family has learned to rely on.

This can be overwhelming, stressful and left with emotional trauma. Feeling alone in their situation is not your only option. We have taken years of experience in the industry, and chosen the best people to work in our business, to provide our clients with a way out should they incur these incidents. Our income protection cover is the solution to loss of income in the event of illness, disability, injuries or even death.

We will pay for the lost wages that you rely on to cover your bills, day to day living, and larger debts like your home and car payments.

Summary of Services

  • Income Protection
  • Car Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Mortgage Insurance

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New Zealand

Phone: 0508 742 742 / (09) 274 5751

Email: insure@pic.co.nz