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KIWICOVER offers all customers in New Zealand Income Protection Insurance. Through the years in the industry, and the lavage we have with financial institutes, we are able to provide the financial strength for our clients to be able to protect themselves in times of need.

We have a team of experienced staff, who believe in their ability to offer a service delivery beyond average expectations of our customers. We strive to keep our name help high in the insurance industry, and the people’s choice. As an extremely high financial ranking business, we enable our clients to reap the rewards far greater than they would anywhere else. A financially strong life insurer is also better positioned to embrace a willingness to meet the claims that are processed from our clients.

We are customer centric, giving all we can to the community, ensuring that each client that’s joins our team, receives maximum service quality, maximum benefits, and maximum satisfaction.

Services – KiwiCover

KIWICOVER offers Income Protection Insurance and more to consumers in New Zealand. We came up with a concept tailor made for our customers which in summary, protects our clients.

Our income protection cover pays our customers up the 75% of their gross earnings if they were unable to work due to illness or injury. Falling ill long or short term, or being involved in an accident can happen without warning. We never know if or when something like this could happen. This is why we encourage our clients to be prepared in the event they fall victim to such an incident. Being able to provide for your family can take up your entire income on a monthly basis, if you were unable to earn an income, how would you provide?

It’s never too late to be protected. We offer:

  • Monthly payment of up to 75% of gross income
  • Cover for both illness and accident (ACC top-up)
  • Premiums are fully tax-deductible
  • 24 x 7 worldwide cover – no country exclusions
  • Partial disability income benefit
  • Recurrent disability benefit
  • Increases in cover available every 3 years with no medical
  • Future policy enhancements automatically included
  • Free interim cover while your application is being processed

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New Zealand

Phone: 0800 760 760
Fax: (04) 499 7501


Postal Address

KiwiCover Insurance Limited, PO Box 100, Wellington Central
New Zealand