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New Zeland offers customers FIDELITY LIFE Income Protection Insurance. With a staff of over 300 members, and wholly New Zealand owned, we are committed to being true to our value of giving our clients what they need.

Where we can offer a beneficial cover for our clients, for the short and long term, we will go the extra mile to do so. We believe every one of our clients is part of our family, and we treat you with the respect and honesty you deserve from a service provider offering more than just a product. We listen to our clients and respond timeously to your queries. Being part of our team allows you to be part of a team of people who do things differently.

We are client focused dedicated to making lives easier, and providing an end to end solution that caters for each individual need. Our original focus is to "keep faith" and care in times of need.

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FIDELITY LIFE offer thei New Zealand customers the option of taking out Income Protection Insurance. We have an insurance range to suit any situation and every need of our valued clients. With us, you can ensure your family will be provided for in the event that you cannot earn an income. There are many situations that can create this kind of event. You can become ill, be involved in an accident, and require long term or short term treatment. Should your sick leave not cover this time, our income protection cover will.

Income protection pays you monthly allowing you to pay for your general living expenses and monthly debts just like your income would.

It can cover your mortgage payments, cover living costs, and take care of your normal day to day bills – we take care of your financial worries, and leave you to concentrate on getting well again. Contac us today, and get covered for those times when you need protection financially.

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  • Funeral Insurance

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