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About – ALLIANZ Income Insurance

New Zeland is fortunate to have ALLIANZ which offers Income Protection Insurance to all customers needing cover. We are proud of all the years that we have built a trust and relationship throughout the community in this country.

Our name has become a well-known one, affiliated with the relationships we build along the way. AlliANZ New Zealand provides one of the largest ranges of personal, commercial and corporate insurance products through selected Broker and Agent business partners. We operate through New Zealand, offering customers the value in insurance and protection of their financial stability. As one of the world’s most renowned insurance companies, we use our experienced, specialist knowledge and worldwide support to provide the right insurance solutions and the right products for our client’s needs.

Our customers always get a products that is ideally suited for your lifestyle, and your requirement, at an affordable premium. AlliANZ is committed to excellence in its daily business - in its relationships with customers, its shareholder, employees and the wider community.

Services – ALLIANZ Income Insurance

ALLIANZ offers a range of suitable options such as Income Protection Insurance for New Zealanders. There may come a time in your life when you are unable to work, be it temporarily or permanently, from a serious illness or injury. This can create a devastating effect for both you and your family, in regards to who will pay the bills, and how you will survive with no income coming in. our income protector insurance ensures that you receive financial assistance during this traumatic time. Day to day living is quite a costly thing. Having to put food on the table and still maintain the monthly payments on your home and your car, can create an overwhelming stress on a family.

We take the worry out of the equation. Being prepared with our income protection, will ensure you are covered in the hard times, and financially able to provide for your family. We are committed to providing excellence on a daily basis to our clients.

Summary of Services

  • Business Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Income Protection Insurance

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