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QuickCover gives home owners in New Zealand insurance quotes for their home and belongings. We make organising life insurance very easy because acceptance is guaranteed with no medical or lifestyle questions asked. With this exclusive unique plan we offer the services of our experienced staff who are passionate about helping people. We offer a range of cover to suit each individual. No matter how much you want to ensure we have the right policy for you.

Our team of insurance savvy people, are always here to answer all your questions, and offer any advice you may need when choosing the coverage to suit you and your family. We offer insurance without any fancy and expensive frills. There are no loadings applied for any existing health or medical problems you already have - everyone pays standard premiums. Call QuickCover today and get the service you deserve, and the insurance you need to cover you from day one.

Services – QuickCover

QuickCover cover client with Homeowners Insurance Quotes in New Zealand and surrounding areas. We are the insurance company to rely on when you feel confused about which insurance cover to get for your home and belongings.

Our home is where we build our lives, and is in majority of our lives our sanctuary. We build our families there and create memories with our loved ones. We put a lot of time, effort and money into our homes. The last thing we think about is what will happen if you had all your belongings stolen. What if your house burnt down? What if the breadwinner of the home were to die, and leave you with an unpaid home. There are so many factors to consider when owning a home.

QuickCover can help you insure your home and the belongings. Unpredictable acts can happen when we least expect, rather be prepared. Ensure your family don’t lose everything.

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  • Life Insurance

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