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Insurance AA New Zealand offers Homeowners Insurance Quotes to their clients. Insurance AA have in the time servicing the customers of the country introduced a number of beneficial policies which have improved the lives of our fellow Australians. We know life isn’t easy, and often unpredictable. We never know what may happen to our families, our homes and ourselves. To be prepared for any uncertain circumstance, the wise move to make is to be covered with insurance.

As an AA Member or AA Smartfuel cardholder, you’ll be able to save 20 cents per litre (maximum 50 litres) once a month for 12 months from the date of your policy inception when you take out a new Life Cover or Living Expenses Cover policy with AA matter what product you choose, you save all the way. Let our experienced team of experts help you make the right choice in choosing a cover to suit your needs.

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AA Life offers New Zealanders the option of Homeowners Insurance Quotes. When we cover your home and the contents of it, we are insuring your worldly belongings that take years to buy and hard earned money earned throughout a life time.

These items are not only fanatically valuable, but are part of your home.

There are a number of reasons why you should definitely have your home and the contents insured. All of which come down to the fact that you need to have a cover in place, to protect your family’s home and their belongings. What can possibly go wrong? Well, to name a few, a fire could occur from an electrical fault. Your home could be struck by lightning. You could encounter terrible damage from a burst water pipe or blown out geyser.

The repercussions from these incidents which are mostly out of our hands, can be divesting, and very destructive to your home. Let us cover you from this trauma, call us today!

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