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Fidelity Life New Zealand offers customers Homeowners Insurance Quotes. Fidelity Life was founded in 1973 with a vision of a New Zealand-owned and controlled company where advisers and staff could "have their say" and provide direct input into the company and its products. Since then we have been providing solution of value and great benefit to our customers. With a client list a mile long, we have a reputable name in the insurance industry for helping people in need when it comes to choosing the right cover.

We set a precedent in New Zealand by trading solely through non-tied advisers at a time when most companies employed tied agents. We set the bar high, and since then brought it even higher, making it our goal to be the best in the country at what we do. We offer a range of insurance products designed to help take care of your family when you can't and give you the confidence to live the life you want to live - knowing you've made plans to secure your family's future.

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Fidelity Life is able to offer clients living in and around New Zealand the opportunity to make use of thier offers Homeowners Insurance Quotes.

Having the right cover in place is best for anyone owning or renting a home. You could get home from work one day to find the roof is totally destroyed by a burst geyser or broken water pipe. Imagines getting that call to say your home is on fire due to a bad wiring job. All of these incidents are reality, they happen every day. Having the repairs to the damages done are extremely costly, and take time. Having the finances on hand can definitely speed up the process. Unless you are able to find this kind of money in a hurry, having home insurance is the best choice you can make.

Our firm uses their experience to assist and advise their clients of which option which suit their needs, their home and their family. Contact us today and get the cover that you need when disaster strikes.

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  • Life
  • Trauma
  • Income Protection
  • Total & Permanent Disability

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