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WESTPAC provides Credit Life Insurance in New Zealand. With your best interests at heart, Westpac insurance offers a unique range of insurance packages to suit your unique needs. Giving you user friendly choices at the right prices. With payment options to suit your budget and quality service at all times, even once your policy is in place. Our after care is one of a kind.

We assist you with whatever you need, when you need it. At any time during your insurance lifespan you should have any queries or questions, our reliable and experienced team of consultants will assist you wherever they can. We use our years of knowledge to build the trust of our customers. We are your first choice in insurance providers. Contact our team at your convenience, through our easy and quick facilities, and we will provide you with the cover you need to add value to your life.

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WESTPAC provides Credit Life Insurance in New Zealand. Keeping you and your family safe it their time of need is something we all would like to leave as part of our legacy. Being involved in an accident that may leave you unable to carry on doing the work you did, and bring in a monthly wage which paid for the loans, mortgages and finances in the home.

This can leave a critically unpleasant outcome on the loves of you and your family. Homes can be taken away, your future and your family’s future may look sparse and leave despair. We have the solution. By taking our credit life cover / insurance, you prepare yourself and your family should this happen. Life is as unpredictable as it is, why take a chance. We don’t know what our expected lives are, we never know should a terminal illness grace us unexpectedly. Be prepared for the sake of the people you care about. Contact our advisors today, let us secure your homes and belongings, so that you can keep providing.

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  • Life
  • Income & Debts
  • Home & contents
  • Cars & other vehicle Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

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